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Quarterly Market Commentary

Halftime 2021

On May 25th, the number of restaurant reservations made on OpenTable returned to pre-pandemic levels and during June, the average number of video streaming services utilized per U.S. user declined for the first time.  “Cord-cutting” is rising again and the number of Costco memberships is now higher than the number of U.S. households that pay…

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Unprecedented – January 2021

One of our wittier clients recently commented that on midnight January 1st, it was the first time in history we all had hindsight that was 2020.  Even Nostradamus could not have had the foresight to predict the magnitude of the Covid-19 pandemic, that oil prices would fall below zero, that shares of Hertz would significantly…

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2020 Q2 Quarterly Newsletter – The Great Lockdown

After free-falling over 33 percent from its peak, the market has since recovered nearly all these losses thanks to an increase in confidence surrounding the reopening of our economy. Year to date, the S&P 500 is now only down 2 percent, while the technology-heavy NASDAQ is up over 16 percent. This puts the NASDAQ’s advantage…

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Novel Times – April 2020

After making a record high on February 19, 2020, the equity markets have since fallen by as much as 35%. This decline into a bear market has occurred at the fastest pace in history. New records for volatility have been made with the average daily price change of 5.2% during March exceeding the previous record…

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2020 Visions – January 2020

As a new year and decade begin, the election in 2020, negative interest rates, aging demographics, and the growth of passive investing will likely have the biggest impacts on the financial markets going forward: The Election For the past 40+ years, we have lived in a world where business has become more global while politics…

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(R)aging Bull

The first three months for Inlet Private Wealth® are now in the books and what a quarter it has been!  We are incredibly grateful to our clients and the professional community for their support which has contributed to our assets under management growing to nearly a quarter of a billion dollars and a robust pipeline…

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